Athletic Trainer

Kristie Heger

Contact: 952-428-2001

Athletic Training Room Hours:  Will vary depending on season.  Hours will be posted on the athletic training room door.  This year to help with social distancing appointments are recommended (more info under Coverage and Hours section).

To Make Appointment to see the Athletic Trainer at JHS, Click Here

Athletic Training Room Location:  Down hallway to the left of the High School Gym, right before the girls locker room


Athletic Training Services Provided

St. Francis Rehab and Sports Medicine is contracted to provide sports medicine services to the high school and the athletes.  St. Francis Rehab and Sports Medicine offers complete orthopedic and sports physical therapy and rehabilitation services for people of all ages.  We have clinics located in Chaska, Shakopee and Savage.

At the high schools as sports medicine providers we are able to provide first aid, evaluation and rehabilitation for athletic injuries.  During the seasons we are able to provide this care to all athletes free of charge.  

Sports medicine care is provided after school, during practices and during events.  Events covered by our sports medicine staff are based off of our contract with the school.  Athletic training room hours are set by the athletic trainer and are posted outside of the athletic training room.

Coverage and Hours

Athletic Training Room hours will vary depending on the season, practice times and games.  Athletic Trainers schedule is posted outside of the athletic training room.  Typical hours are:

Monday-Friday: 2:30pm-5:30pm

This year with the social distancing policies it is preferred that you make an appointment to see the athletic trainer for an injury evaluation or injury treatment/rehab.  This is in an attempt to not have multiple people waiting after school in the hallway to see the athletic trainer.  Appointment times will be from 1pm-3pm Monday through Friday.  Athletes will be able to come into the school on their days off campus during hybrid learning if they have an appointment.  They will come in the front entrance and only come to and from the athletic training room.  To make an appointment: Click Here

Although I do not attend all events, all of the high school athletes are welcome to seek out my care.  

Home Sporting Events I am contracted to cover:

  • Fall
    • 9th grade-Varsity Football
    • Varsity Boys and Girls Soccer
    • Varsity Volleyball
    • Varsity XC
  • Winter
    • JV and Varsity Girls and Boys Basketball
    • JV and Varsity Wrestling
    • Varsity Dance
  • Spring
    • Varsity Softball
    • Varsity Baseball
    • Varsity Track and Field

In the event of a serious injury, every effort is made to contact a parent or guardian.  Should you have questions for me you may contact me via email at

Physician Visit

At some point during the sports season it may be necessary for your child to see a physician.  I can work with you to obtain an appointment with a sports medicine physician.  It is important to keep open lines of communication with all members of the sports medicine team and I will communicate with the physician your child sees to ensure a safe return to play.

If your son/daughter is seen or treated by a physician for an injury or serious illness, they must bring a written note from the physician before they can return to practice or play in a game.  This is a Minnesota State HIgh School League Rule.  This is for the student’s protection as well as to keep everyone informed as to the student’s readiness.

Physical Therapy Services

St. Francis Rehab and Sports Medicine offers complete orthopedic and sports physical therapy and rehabilitation services for people of all ages.  We have clinics located in Chaska, Shakopee and Savage.  Physical Therapy and rehabilitation is often a necessary step in returning the athlete to play quickly and safely.  I am skilled at rehabilitation but do not always have the amount of time needed to accomplish what is necessary.  It may be recommended after an injury by myself or your child’s doctor for your child to meet with a physical therapist.  At St. Francis Rehab and Sports Medicine I can help connect you to a physical therapist and will work with them to determine a progression and coordinate care from clinic to school.  St. Francis Rehab accepts most insurance plans however, please check with your insurance company for specific coverage benefits and ask if St. Francis Regional Medical Center is in your network.  St. Francis Rehab and Sports Medicine has three locations:

Shakopee- 1601 St. Francis Ave Suite 200

Contact: 952-428-2001

Savage- 6350 W 143rd St

Contact: 952-428-1550

Chaska- 1661 Park Ridge Dr

Contact: 952-428-1250

Concussion Information

What is a Concussion?

In medical terms a concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI).  It occurs from either a direct blow to the head or elsewhere on the body that results in an impulsive force transmitted to the head (indirect blow).  A TBI can cause disturbance in brain function and information processing.

Healing After a Concussion

Like any other injury a brain injury needs time to heal and the rate of which that happens will be different for every person.  Most concussions heal without issues or complications if handled properly.  This includes early recognition, physical and cognitive rest and not returning before cleared by medical professionals.  Some people recovering from concussions need a little extra assistance with their symptoms which could include Speech Therapy (cognitive problems), Occupational Therapy (Oculomotor problems), and Physical Therapy (balance and physical symptoms).  These services would typically be recommended by myself or a Medical Doctor.

  • Early recognition starts with the athlete reporting symptoms to the coach, parents or athletic trainer as soon as possible followed by a concussion evaluation by a medical professional.
    • Signs and Symptoms of a concussion can include: 
    • Headache
    • Pressure in head
    • Neck Pain
    • Nausea or vomiting
    • Dizziness
    • Blurred Vision
    • Balance Problems
    • Sensitivity to light
    • Sensitivity to noise
    • Feeling Slowed Down
    • Feeling like in a fog
    • Difficulty concentrating
    • Difficulty remembering
    • Fatigue or low energy
    • Confusion
    • Drowsiness
    • Trouble falling asleep
    • More emotional
    • Irritability
    • Sadness
    • Nervous or anxious
  • Rest includes both physical and cognitive.  If a concussion is suspected all physical activity should stop until cleared by a medical profession.   Cognitive rest should include limiting mental effort that tires the brain like TV, texting, and playing video games.  This may also include time away from school as students may have trouble with taking tests, working on computers or increase in symptoms due to loud noises.  A Medical Doctor can work with the school if a student needs a special plan to help them succeed.  
  • The MSHSL requires that before returning to competition the athlete must complete a graded or progressive return to activity.  This will be handled by the athletic trainer or if seeing a physical therapist can be completed with them and will require a note signed by the physical therapist stating all steps have been completed and the athlete has been cleared to return to competition.

St. Francis Concussion Program 

St. Francis Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine offers Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy and Occupational therapy for people of all ages after they have suffered a concussion.  

  • Physical Therapists will focus mostly on the physical symptoms like headaches, dizziness and balance along with completing the return to play protocol required by the MSHSL
  • Occupational Therapists will focus mostly on the oculomotor system like, trouble with reading, depth perception and coordination of head and eye movements.
  • Speech Language Pathologists will focus mainly on the cognitive symptoms like memory problems.  They will also help to facilitate any school accommodations needed for the student after a concussion.

To Schedule an appointment with St. Francis’ Concussion team you can call 952-428-2001 or I can assist you in getting appointments.

ImPACT Concussion Testing 

At the high schools we use a program called ImPACT.  ImPACT is an online program that tests cognitive brain functioning after a concussion.    ImPACT is not a diagnostic tool, it will not tell me if someone has a concussion  The use of this program helps the sports medicine team determine when an athlete is ready to return to play after a head injury..  

This year all Impact Concussion Baseline tests will be done at home to help maintain social distancing.  How it works:

  • Email with the following information
    • Athletes name, and Date of Birth
  • An email will be sent from ImPACT and myself with instructions on how to complete the test from home
  • Athlete will than participate in a 30 minute computer based test to develop his/her baseline
  • Baseline tests are valid for 2 years

All high school level athletes have the opportunity to take a baseline test during the school year. Tests are taken before the start of each sport season.  There is no charge to complete a baseline or post-injury test.