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Jordan Athlete Return To Play (after testing positive)

    • Jordan Athletics RTP Guidelines based off of NFHS Cardiopulmonary considerations, and the British Journal of Sports Medicine Graduated RTP
      • Stage 1:
        • Must isolate for 14 days, be 7 days symptom-free and 3 days without any Medications
        • Must be able to do activities of daily living without any symptoms returning (ex. Walking up stairs)
        • Once all those requirements are met move on to stage 2
      • Stage 2:
        • 2 days of light exercise for 15 minutes at less than 70% max Heart Rate (ex. Walking or stationary bike with no resistance
      • Stage 3:
        • This is a 2 part stage
        • 3A-1 day for 30 mins at <80% max heart rate 
          • Simple movement activities (running)
        • 3B- 1 day for 45 mins at <80% max heart rate
          • Complex Training activities (skill work)
      • Stage 4:
        • 2 days of non-contact practice for 60 mins at <80% max heart rate
      • Stage 5:
        • Earliest this stage can be done is 17 days since being diagnosed with COVID-19
        • Normal practice (no restrictions)

Athletic Training Room COVID Policies

  1. To follow current MDH and CDC guidelines proper personal protective equipment (PPE) will be worn by the athletic trainer and anyone who is in the athletic training room.  
    1. For the Athletic Trainer this will include Mask, appropriate eye protection and when needed gloves.
    2. For all other individuals masks will be required when in the training room
  2. Social Distancing must be maintained as applicable
    1. Only 1 person will be allowed in the athletic training room at a time.  All other athletes/coaches will need to wait outside of the athletic training room and maintain a 6 foot distance from other individuals
  3. To help reduce number of athletes waiting to get in the training room at end of school day I will be doing appointments during the day for injury evaluations and treatments
    1. These will be available to sign up for through my Google Calendar.  A link for this will hopefully be on my page on the district website.  (still working on this)
  4. Currently taping will not be done for “preventative” measures.  This is to decrease the number of athletes waiting outside of the athletic training room and also to help reduce the number of athletes late to practice. 
  5. Tables and all equipment will be sanitized between patients 
  6. Sign in with COVID-19 screening will be required before entering the athletic training room
    1. This will be done via a google form with a QR code posted that the athlete can scan with his/her phone and fill out before entering.  I will also have a computer available for athletes that don’t have a phone
  7. Cold Whirlpool will be for emergency use only.  NO ICE BATHS AFTER PRACTICES.
  8. Limit contact with ice machine
    1. Ice from machine should not be used for eating or for water bottles due to lack of monitoring for large parts of the day.  Ice can’t be sanitized! 
    2. Ice bags should be distributed by the Athletic Trainer or coaches to limit the number of people touching scoop and ice bags.  Sanitize scoop and ice machine lid after
  9. Limit amount of activity in the Athletic Training Room when Athletic Trainer is not present.  
    1. The Training Room should remain locked when the Athletic Trainer is not present and only entered by coaches if absolutely necessary.
  10. If an athlete returns after having COVID they will go through a gradual return to play, similar to after a concussion.  This is to help address the Cardiopulmonary concerns for people after having COVID.
  11. If the athletic trainer has to be quarantined for any reason we will do our best to provide coverage but can not guarantee someone else will be available.


COVID Considerations for Practices/Games

  1. All athletes must bring their own water bottle.  Promote bringing either multiple water bottles or large jugs of water as coolers for refill will currently not be available for practices or games.
  2. All equipment must be cleaned before and after each use
    1. Try to limit sharing of equipment to help decrease chance of it not be sanitized before another athlete/coach touches it   
    2. No sharing of Pinnies
    3. Foam rollers must be cleaned after each use, can not be used by multiple athletes before being cleaned
  3. Lightening or bad weather 
    1. Can not put everyone in one spot where social distancing is not able to be achieved
    2. May want to send people to cars for lightening delays
    3. May need to call games earlier than usual to give time for people to get to cars or to designated shelter areas
  4. Social distancing should be maintained on benches during games
  5. Make sure all Emergency Action Plans are up to date and that everyone knows their role in an emergency and where to find an AED