High School Theatre, Middle School Theatre · Upcoming Spring Performances by Jordan Theater Department

High School Musical

Dates: April 30th-May 1st – 7pm  & May 2nd – 1pm

Little Shop of Horrors
Skid Row isn’t the best of places but it’s characters make the best of the situation.  Seymour works at a run down florist shop and dabbles in botanical experiments.  He purchased a unique plant and brought it back to Muschnik florists shop. He tended the plant lovingly naming it Audrey II after his fellow assistant, Audrey.
Audrey II proves to be a draw in the shop which starts to attract many visitors. The major problem, however, is that Audrey II’s food happens to be blood – fresh blood! As the plant starts to grow, so does its appetite and its demands.
Audrey has a sadistic boyfriend, a dentist Orin, who regularly appeases his sadistic desires on Audrey, who realises that she really does have a friend in Seymour.
Seymour has been feeding Audrey II with his own blood but is gradually growing weaker as the plant’s appetite increases. In exchange for fresh blood, Audrey II says he will grant Seymour’s hearts desire.
Orin mysteriously meets his demise and then Muschnik begins to suspect the worst. Audrey and Seymour’s relationship is budding and all seems to be great for the Skid Row couple but at what cost?

(Performances will be done in a concert style setting following COVID protocols)

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Middle School Spring Play

Dates: April 29-30 – 7pm &  May 1st – 2pm

It’s Not You –  By Craig Pospisil
Sure, friends drift apart. But generally they don’t announce that they’re “breaking up” with you. Especially not when you’re riding downtown on the A train. Natalie’s friends, on the other hand, think it’s the perfect place to make a clean break.

The Most Viewed Least Watched Talk Show in History – By Kenneth R. Preuss

Public-access talk show hosts Brighton and Avery don’t have very good guests.  Or many regular viewers (with the exception of Brighton’s grandpa, who can’t figure out how to change the channel). Their show, “Monumental Accomplishments,” features anything but, as guest after guest proves to be entirely unexceptional in almost every way. But just as the hosts are about to call it a wrap on another unremarkable show, the young broadcasters are about to find out that a little serendipity goes a long way when it comes to achieving viral status.=

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Ticket sales end noon 4/29


***ISD 717 Staff  will need to purchase tickets for the HS musical, similar to  years past.  If a staff member would like to attend the MS Play for free, please contact Khalvorson@isd717.org to request tickets for a certain performance. 

***The capacity for each performance will vary based on group sizes and tickets purchased.  Seats will be assigned on a first come, first served basis with safe spacing between groups.  We will fit as many spectators as we can, while following social distancing guidelines. To help maximize space and capacity, please purchase tickets together as a household/family or with other groups that you are comfortable being seated with.  Seating will be assigned once tickets are purchased.  You can also email khalvorson@isd717.org to indicate that you would like to be seated with another group.