Jordan Speech Team Page Speech · Speech Competing Virtually – How’s it Going?

We asked our speech captains what it’s like competing in a virtual world this 2021 Speech season. Their answers may surprise you!

Avery Peters
This year of virtual speech is definitely different from a normal year. Typically when we compete, we are traveling to various schools and performing our pieces live and in person. However because of Covid, we are now competing online using an app similar to Zoom.
Competing virtually is strange because there is no live audience in front of you, but you have to act as if there is. It is also harder to make eye contact with a small screen when you’re performing. However, because all of our competitions are at JHS, we no longer have to wake up at the crack of dawn. 

Dorian Burke
Virtual speech has definitely been different from the norm. I feel like we’ve kept up the spirit of the team even though we aren’t in person. It’s nice to be in the same environment to go through warmups, rounds, and awards. Although the format has changed, it’s still a ton of fun to go to speech meets on Saturdays. 

Emily Randolph
This season has been on like no other. There have been a lot of challenges like figuring out all of the technology on top of the typical speech challenges that we typically face preparing for meets and our season. Though this season has been unexpected there have been many challenges as well, as I have began to become closer to my teammates, it has taught me to be flexible, we have been able to go to new meets that we haven’t had the opportunity to go to (like Rochester John Marshall), and most important I DON’T HAVE TO GO ON THE BUS RIDES!

Trinity Thorstad
I think that virtual speech meets are pretty fun although I do miss meeting new people at speech meets. I don’t miss the six AM bus rides. I like that I still get to compete and see my friends and have fun, while still being safe.