Boys Hubmen Hoops Basketball · Love Maroon Live Gold Athlete of the Week

Reagan Koch is our next Love Maroon Live Gold Athlete of the week! He is a senior captain on the boy’s basketball team. To start, I’ll let his stats speak for themselves:

Recent games:
32 pts vs Hutchinson on Feb 16
30 pts vs Orono on Feb 12
20 pts vs Mound Westonka on Feb 9
18 pts vs Waconia on Feb 5
28 pts vs Holy Family on Feb 2
26 pts vs New Prague on Jan 29

Evidently, Reagan has been a key player for the Hubmen. His coach, Matt Urbanek, states, “Reagan has been a major leader for our team on both ends of the floor. He leads by example with his hard work, dedication, and unselfish play. His teammates look up to Reagan and respect him a lot, and he is a great role model for young people in Jordan.” Reagan continues to leave his impact on the community of Jordan, but more importantly, the Hubmen hoops. He has represented the program well and has for many years. His commitment to basketball does not go unnoticed. Additionally, Reagan excels in the classroom. His hard work and dedication have led him to further his academic and athletic (basketball) career at the Colorado School of Mines. Learn more about Reagan Koch below:

What grade are you in? 12
How long have you been playing your sport? 10 years
What is your pregame meal? M&M’s
What is your favorite type of music? Don’t have a favorite
Do you have any superstitions regarding sports? No
If you had one superpower what would it be and why? To be invisible
If you could choose one teammate to be stuck on a deserted island with who would it be and why? Cam Dean because he would find a way to rescue us
Who is your favorite athlete? Terry Rozier
What’s your pet peeve? Don’t have one
What sport do you wish you could play? Why? Tennis because it is fun for me to play.
Which teammate do you admire the most? Why? Isaac Young
What’s your favorite drill to do at practice? Explain it. Rapid Fire Drill: You are in a group of 4 or 5 and continuously shoot in the five spots around the ark and see which group can get the farthest.
If you’re having a bad day what cheers you up? Playing with our dog
What is your favorite TV show? Psych
What’s your favorite quote? “Watch the stars and follow them”
Describe yourself in 3 words or less. Calm, smart, diligent
What’s your favorite subject/class? Physics