High School Theatre · Watch Jordan One Act Play from home this weekend!

When: February 5th (7pm), 6th (7pm) & 7th (2pm)
Cost: Free!!!!!
Duration: 1 hr
THIS IS A LIVE VIRTUAL EVENT! Tune in at the noted time to https://www.youtube.com/jordanactivities
An odd fortune teller has set up their table in a public square. A steady stream of customers has the psychic offering visions of the future for just a buck a piece.
This new and exciting art form is just beginning to reveal its potential. Just a short time ago, no one would have conceived of trying to perform a scene, let alone an entire play, with every actor isolated in their own home. And yet, here we are.
This play is written specifically for the characters to be communicating electronically, without face-to-face dialogue, yet still interacting with each other in real time. In just one month, these 13 adaptable and inspiring students have worked hard to pull off an outstanding performance. Thank you for taking the time to support the high school theatre program this evening. We hope you enjoy our show!