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Sophomore Landon Church is this winter’s first Love Maroon Live Gold Athlete of the Week. Both Landon’s record and the Scott West Panther’s record is 6-1. Landon’s only loss comes from when he lost 4-10 against the number one wrestler in the state. When asked about this match Landon states, ” I’m hoping to get revenge on him.” You’ll notice Landon carries with him a determined attitude. Along with this, his coach Jerold Stauffacher said, “He has shown maturity and toughness in the first three weeks of the season. He has stepped up to the challenges put in front of him thus far.” Landon’s excellent efforts go beyond just the mat. He excels in the classroom and is an A student. Landon has the hope to pursue wrestling in college. Learn more about Landon Church below:

How long have you been playing your sport?
Around 10 years
What is your pregame meal?
What is your favorite type of music?
Do you have any superstitions regarding sports?
If you had one superpower what would it be and why?
If you could choose one teammate to be stuck on a deserted island with who would it be and why?
Leo S because he would die before me
Who is your favorite athlete?
Sebastian Rivera

What’s your pet peeve?
Not working hard
What sport do you wish you could play? Why?
Wrestling in college
Which teammate do you admire the most? Why?
Zach Tracy
What’s your favorite drill to do at practice? Explain it.
Scramble drill, it’s a drill that we just go slow and it helps in situations that we may have during a real match
What’s your favorite quote?
“You can either get a little bit better, stay the same, or get a little bit worse” Darren Ripley
Describe yourself in 3 words or less.
Determined, hardworking, and willing
What’s your favorite subject/class?
Mr. Olson’s biology class