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What: Jordan 2020-21 Speech Season

Why:  Participation in Speech is an incredibly rewarding experience and will enhance communication skills for life!  Famous folks who participated in speech and debate include Oprah Winfrey, Nelson Mandela, and news correspondent Tom Brokaw to name a few.

When:  Registration is now open!

Fall Workshop:
Registration fees must be paid in order to participate
Thursday, December 3rd from 3:15-5:15, meet in the JHS Commons OR Friday, December 4th from 3:15-5:15, meet in the JHS Commons

  • If you didn’t participate in the Fall Workshop – it’s still not too late to join Speech!

Practice: Start the week of January 4th  (practice calendar will be released in December)


  • Varsity and JV Meets (grades 7-12) Saturdays in January, February, March and April.
  • Junior High Meets (grades 7-9) on Tuesdays and Thursdays in January, February and March

Communication: Will be done through Google Classroom, Infinite Campus Email/Messaging and the Remind App.  Please make sure your contact information is up to date in Infinite Campus, and please download the Remind app.

ExperienceNo speech experience is required.  What is required is a good attitude, the willingness to learn, and desire to work hard and compete.

Practices: Practices will be held in classrooms at the High School and or the Middle School. Practices will be once a week either before or after school. 

Speech Categories: 

  • Creative Expression (write your own piece)
  • Discussion (somewhat similar to debate)
  • Dramatic Interpretation (a serious piece from a play)
  • Duo (two students performing a piece together)
  • Extemporaneous Reading (dramatic readings of parts of a book – this year’s is “All the Light We Cannot See”)
  • Extemporaneous Speaking (you get a question on an international or national topic, research and prep a speech in 30 minutes)
  • Great Speeches (you take a historical or recent speech and analyze it, along with presenting parts of the speech)
  • Humorous (a piece that is funny)
  • Informative (a piece you write on a topic of interest to tell people more about it), Original Oratory (a persuasive speech that you write)
  • Serious Poetry (this can be one or a few poems performed together)
  • Serious Prose (a piece performed that is taken from a book/novel)
  • Storytelling (performing one of 15 stories that are chosen by a state committee before the season starts)

Required Equipment: Dress clothes are required for competition, and face coverings will be required at all practices and competitions.

Face Shield Option:  ($7.95 + Shipping)

Costs to Family:

  • Jordan registration fee = $135 for 7-12 grade
  • Missed meet fee (if you/your student does not attend or drops out of a speech meet last minute for any reason) = $15
  • Face Shield = $8
  • Dress clothing and shoes = variable

Costs covered by Schools: Transportation, Speech Meet Entry Fees

Coaches Contact Info: