Hubmen & Jaguars News · Face Coverings and Visitors to our Schools

We’ve had several questions regarding our district face covering procedures. Now that we are able to invite a limited audience of event spectators into our buildings, we’d like to provide the most up-to-date information. We are excited to welcome our fans and are here to support you with important information to maintain the healthiest environment possible for our students and staff.


The Jordan Public Schools face covering procedure complies with Executive Order 20-81, Executive Order 20-82, and applicable face covering requirements from the Minnesota Department of Health and the Minnesota Department of Education.


These requirements must be followed by all visitors inside our campus buildings. The requirements must also be followed on our outdoor grounds when social distancing measures cannot be followed.


If an adult visitor chooses to attend a school event, the visitor also chooses to follow the district face covering procedure.


As noted in the face covering procedure, a face covering must be worn to cover the nose and mouth completely. The following are included in the definition of face covering: 

  • Paper or disposable mask
  • Cloth face mask
  • Scarf
  • Neck gaiter
  • Bandana
  • Religious face covering
  • Medical-grade masks and respirators


A face shield may be used as an alternative to a face covering for staff, students, or visitors who cannot tolerate a face covering due to a developmental, medical, or behavioral health condition. 


If you need assistance locating an approved face covering in order to attend a district event, please contact a building or district representative and we are happy to assist.


For the health and safety of all, we ask that family and community members honor these same procedures as they travel to away events where Jordan students are competing.


Thank you.